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  • Slice Thin & Grill; Cure & Smoke

Boston Butt (Blade)

  • Shoulder Roast - Smoke; Braise
  • Shoulder Steak - Grill; Pan Sear & Braise
  • Center Trimmed Shoulder - Roast; Smoke

Picnic Shoulder (Arm)

  • Shoulder Roast - Smoke; Braise
  • Cross Cut Hock - Braise; Stew


  • Loin Chops - Grill; Pan Sear
  • Loin Roast - Dry Roast; Smoke
  • Back Ribs - Smoke; Grill; Broil
  • Sirloin - Marinate & Grill


  • Belly - Braise; Cure & Smoke
  • Spareribs - Smoke; Grill; Broil


  • Ham Roast - Smoke; Roast
  • Eye of Round - Marinate & Grill
  • Cross Cut Hock - Braise; Stew

Our Pork

baby pigs

Pono Farm's pork consists of mainly Berkshire and Red Wattle genetics.  These ‘Old World’ breeds are known for their superior meat quality.  We grow our hogs slowly on pasture without the use of antibiotics, administered hormones, or steroids.  At Pono Farm, our pig’s feet never touch concrete or slatted floors and our sows are never confined to farrowing crates. Our hogs are kept happy with very little stress and the result is flavorful and succulent pork that feature a nice rosy color.


tied pork ready to be cooked

Our pigs are fed a premium plant-based diet consisting mainly of hay and wheat.  Hogs are most happy when their bellies are full and that is what we strive for.  Fall harvest time brings an abundance of crops, and we feature pork finished on fruits and pumpkins provided by other farmer friends.

We are attempting to reintroduce the kind of pork that was grown before the days of genetically enhanced ‘commercial’ hogs that grow rapidly with the boost of administered drugs that results in a very lean and bland tasting meat. 

Pork is a very versatile meat where the fat provides great flavor for any dish.  Whether you plan on firing up the grill or smoker, our meat case features an assortment of chops and roasts.