Ponofarm Cow

"Pono" is a Hawaiian word whose exact definition or meaning must be determined from the context, however it is most often translated in English as ‘righteousness or having high moral quality.’  We feel that this single word depicts our philosophy and methods of raising our animals and butchering the meat for our customers.

The long process of producing Fine Meats starts on our farm located in Central Oregon.  From birth to finish, the animals are raised on pasture in a humane and sustainable manner.  Among many factors, nutrition and stress are important controllable elements that can greatly affect the tenderness and quality of the finished meat.  Along with an abundant grass-based diet, the animals drink pristine water sourced from Opal Springs. 

Once the animals have reached maturity and have had time to develop intramuscular fat, they are brought through our butcher shop on a weekly basis.  Our traditional cutting program utilizes the whole carcass from nose to tail.  We make sure that nothing from the animal is wasted; bones are used to produce stock, fat is rendered for oil, and offal is ground to make raw dog food.  

We hope our customers will experience and enjoy the quality of meat produced in the Pono way.